Site Classification (AS2870)

Site classifications (Soil Test) provide insight into the potential for seasonal movement of your soil foundation. The test is required to ensure your building’s footings are designed appropriately. If the site is found to be Class P, we can also provide advice on how to manage ground issues such as settlement, landslide or reactive clay sites. This investigation can be done concurrently with a landslide and/or effluent management assessment.

Landslide Risk Assessment (AGS and RMS)

Since the Thredbo landslide in 1997 guidelines are now in place to assess the risks associated with landslides. If your proposed development is on a sloping site (typically >12 degrees), local councils will require this assessment to be done to ensure the risk of landslide is within the tolerable range. Terra Insight can undertake this assessment for you and provide you with the insight on how to reduce and/or maintain your risk at tolerable levels.

Geotechnical Assessments

Terra Insight can tailor a geotechnical assessment to suit your needs. This can be a desk based study and/or an intrusive subsurface investigation. A tailored geotechnical investigation is undertaken where the development is typically greater than a single residence or the site has challenging geotechnical conditions for example acid sulphate soils, soft soils, collapsible sands, subsidence, slope instability. What ever your concerns – we can help!

Contamination Assessments (PSI and DSI)

Terra Insight can tailor an enviromental assessment to suit your needs. This can include a PSI (desk based) study of previous site uses that may have resulted in contamination. If required, we can undertake intrusive subsurface investigation (DSI) targeting key areas of environmental concern (AEC), to assess the presence of contamination on site. All assessments are undertaken in accordance with NSW EPA guidelines.

Pre-purchase Inspections

Buying a new home? Located on a slope or near the sea? Terra Insight can assist with pre-purchase inspections of the land on which the house is built. This can give you useful insights into the stability of the land, if the site is subject to subsidence or seasonal movement. This gives you the confidence to go ahead with your new home or land purchase.

On Site Effluent and/or Stormwater Disposal

No connection to council sewer or storm water do you need to treat and dispose of effluent on site or attenuate surface water runoff? Terra Insight can undertake in situ percolation test and provide advice on in situ permeability and land application areas.

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What Our Clients are Saying!

Karen provided geotechnical advice on a number of projects we have worked on in the Bowen Basin and always was very approachable, Karen has an excellent knowledge base and provided practical solutions to geotechnical problems we encountered. Karen went the extra mile to ensure that there was a successful outcome for our projects – Great attitude and excellent to work with.
Kevin Walters, Consulting Engineer at Capital Consulting Engineers.
Karen & I worked together to establish a resolution for a particularly difficult problem regarding earthwork stabilisation whilst I was the Track Availability Manager for the Jubilee Line. Her ability & knowledge to think outside the box helped me to a solution that enabled proper controls to be put in place and allow for my track to be monitored enabling me to maintain efficient availability.
David Thomas, A seasoned professional in railway projects and operations.

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